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Ed Levine's New Watercolor Collection

The Village and Views of the Lake

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My latest Giclee Print: "A Village View" (detail)

Seen at 


3 Fennell St. in The Old Stone Mill

Through the medium of paint, I seek to use color and form to create a visually stimulating image. For subject matter I begin with my own life experiences here on the lake and surounding areas.  I also experiment with the range of possibilities allowed through my choice of materials, spontaneity and chance. My art is not an excuse to rely on overly-complex theories or ideas to prop up mediocre images.   It would not be unreasonable to suggest that color and form are enough to carry a painting.  Listen carefully, sometimes they will speak to you.


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On this page you will find paintings from the past twelve months only. Many new scenes depict the strong atmospheric conditions that we have been experiencing of late.  These latest paintings are emotional responses to the dramatic skies and their reflections in and around Skaneateles Lake.

Presently I've been working on a group of paintings I'll call the 


Right now it consists of three paintings of an area just south of 

Albany New York in the foothills of the Helderburg Mountains, and

overlooking the majestic Blackhead Mountains of the Catskills.


These paintings can be seen in the new artwork section of this site

at the bottom of the page.

The titles will be preceded by the letters "CHC'

to indicate the Cass Hill Collection

Pictured below is the first in this series. 


A Village View very small giclee.jpg


In most instances I give the "Frame Size" and not the image size.  The frame size is what will be hanging on your wall. All of my paintings are matted which protects the painting from actually touching the glass.  Most mats are 3" - 3.5" which is quite standard.  All framing materials that touch the painting are archival quality and acid free.  My paintings, if properly handled, (ex.kept out of strong sunlight) should last your lifetime and be passed onto your loved ones.  


My work can always be seen at Skaneateles Artisans, Gallery Under the Stone  Now located atThe Old Stone Mill at 3 Fennell St. Skaneateles NY.


My paintings can also be seen at the Pat Rini Rohrer Gallery on 71 South Main Street in Canandaigua NY.  Feel free to ask to see more if you wish as there are usually a few hanging in the front with more paintings in the back.


Please feel free to contact me with any questions or observations, I always try to respond promptly.  You can also set up an appointment to visit the studio.  You can write on the "Contact" page of the website, or call at 607-745-4923.

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